• LV Travel Adventures

    Take a moment to escape, to learn about a new destination or find the inspiration so you can experience those things in life that you’re truly passionate about

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  • Croatia

    Croatia is an Eastern European country with almost 6,000 kilometers of beautiful Dalmatian coastline studded with more than more than 1,200 islands, buildings dating back to Roman times and a rich cultural heritage, so it’s no wonder why Croatia has […]

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  • Germany

    Germany is a Western European country with a vibrant art and music scene, magnificent terrain of vast forests in the west, great cathedrals and castles, and the alps in the south, and historic cities throughout the country. Regardless of your interests […]

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  • Maasai Mara

    Maasai Mara Safari, meaning, “journey” in Swahili Our Safari into the Maasai Mara Our journey to the Maasai Mara in Kenya began early in the morning from the Serengeti of Tanzania. Our trusted guide of 3 days drove us from […]

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Electrical Plug Image

What Type of Electrical Plug to Use Around the World

What type of electrical plug adapter or converter do I need when traveling is one of the most common questions travelers ask? Here is some background on the topic and a summary of which electrical plugs work in what countries. […]

Nutcrackers Found at the German Christmas Market in Chicago

The German Christmas Market – Where New World and Old World take the yuletide spirit to the next level

Every year from late November until a few days before Christmas, more than 2,500 Christmas markets pop up across Germany alone. They appear in the large cities like Frankfurt and Berlin, and enchanted centres like Heidelberg and quaint romantic towns […]