The resort and spa town of Jūrmala, with its long beach of talcum powder-like sand, was one of the vacation locations of choice for high-ranking Communist Party officials and party elites during the Soviet period. It is often called the “Northern Riviera”, and today it’s visited by locals, Europeans and visitors from around the world.

Jurmala, Latvia

How to Get to Jūrmala

Jūrmala is 25 km west of Riga and the easiest and quickest way to get there is by train, of which there are two every hour, and takes 40 minutes from Riga’s main train station. Take the train in the direction of Dubulti, and get off in Majori, which is the main station for Jūrmala. The main pedestrian street from the Majori railway station called Jomas iela, is lined with summer terraces offering plenty of food, and drink, market stalls selling local produce in the summer and many wonderful shops that stretches for blocks.

When to go to Jūrmala

The hot summer days between June and early August are the best times to visit, but it will be packed with sunbathers. We were there early September, and most of the seaside restaurants were closed, although Romanika Restorans-Bars was open where we had delicious chicken soup, BBQ sausages and enjoyed a cold beer on the beautiful deck overlooking the beach.

Best Things to do in Jūrmala

Although most people go to Jūrmala for its spas and beaches, it also has some interesting sights. Its most noteworthy, however, is its beautiful wooden art nouveau architecture. Take a stroll on Jūras and Jomas streets in Majori for some of the city’s finest examples of this early 20th century style.

The Beach

Travelers come here in droves in the summer for fresh air and to made use of its pristine white sandy beaches.

The Spas

Jūrmala has a long tradition as a spa resort. The resort attracts many visitors also for their spa treatments using local mud and seawater.

How many days do you need to visit Jūrmala

A comfortable visit to Jūrmala can be achieved in about 1-2 days depending on whether you will be taking advantage of Jūrmala spas or plan on sun-bathing on the long white sand beach.