Cuba, a Caribbean island nation, is made up of over 4,000 islands and cays, and the main island is the largest of all islands in the Caribbean and home to 11.1 million people. Cuba has over 200 bays and 250 sugar-white beaches to explore, making it arguably the best beach destination in the Caribbean. The island is also dotted with tobacco fields, which play a part in the production of the country’s legendary cigars.

The capital, Havana, with a population of 2.1 million citizens, is lined with pastel houses, 1950s-era cars and Spanish-colonial architecture in the 16th-century core, Old Havana. Salsa music plays in the dance clubs and cabaret shows are performed at the famed Tropicana.

Until 2011, an import ban in the country meant that the only cars found on the roads were classic cars from pre-1959. Since 2011, the ban has gradually been lifted to allow more modern vehicles onto the island.